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iMobinc has been in operation since February of 2012. We were initally known as "iMobsters.co" but changed domains due to the expansion of all S8 games. iMobinc was the FIRST S8 Cash supplier and we continue to be leader in online sales. We are the ONLY verified legit source on the net with over 100 pages of customer reviews, 1 MILLION transactions and a daily average page view of 112k. You may find better prices somewhere else on the net... However, if you pay $10 for 100 Trillion and all you get in return was a stolen account.. was it worth the discount? There is a reason others can offer such cheap prices..
DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IMOBINC IMITATORS.. www.iMobinc.com is our ONLY domain.

There are many who advertise our service as a "Scam" - We challenge you to think for yourselves. We have received a 100% SAFETY Rating from Scamadviser.com - So if we have been proven to be legit by a company whos soul purpose is to find scam websites...Where are these claims coming from? Your Competition! Please remember that iMobinc is hated by ALL legit players... and we love it that way! We are THE UNDERGROUND and are not here to please anyone but our paying customers. We offer PayPal as our ONLY source of payment. (Not Cash, Not Wire Transfer and Not Western Union) - This is to ENSURE our customers are kept safe and have the option to dispute any transaction they are not satisfied with. PayPal has hosted us from day one. After a few fraudulent claims they would investigate and discontinue our services. We also use a Business PayPal account which had to be verified before payments could be processed... If they put their stamp of approval on us, why wouldn't you?

We encourage you to read a few pages of our customer reviews. The majority will say something about being skeptical at first but glad they took the risk. Again, There IS NO RISK WHEN USING PAYPAL. iMobinc would not be processing 40+ orders a day if we were stealing accounts. We would not be paying Live Customer Support Reps to help you with your issues nor would we offer a telephone number to be contacted at. Online scams are illegal and taken very seriously by the Federal Business Bureau. We have been through NUMEROUS routine inspections and have been proven legit on every occasion. iMobinc is also verified by Scam Adviser which specializes in investigating online scams. Your account is safe with us...